Writing is a favorite pastime! Sharon has won several awards for Christian devotions, short stories and non-fiction essays. To Sharon, the best part of writing is teaching new and current writers how to enhance their skills and enjoy their writing more.


Have you always wanted to write, but lack confidence and the skill to turn your ideas into articles, devotions, or story format? Dr Hinton provides writing coach services.

Need an article, booklet, chapter or course outline related to faith community nursing practice, spiritual care, leadership development, life skills or continuing education? As a freelance writer, Dr Hinton can create customized writing products to meet your specifications.

Spiritual Journaling is a major aspect of Sharon's writing. She is a certified "Journal to the Self ™" Instructor through the Center for Journal Therapy in Denver Colorado, and has taught Spiritual Journaling for Personal and Professional Growth in a wide variety of settings from small church groups to national professional conferences. In addition to the programs she teaches on Spiritual Journaling, Sharon has also developed several workbooks for those learning the subject. 

Current Projects

Sharon writes both fiction and non-fiction. Currently, she is working on several fiction projects including a novel, short stories, and several Christian devotions. 

Her DMIN thesis, Preach, Teach, and Heal: Christian Denominational Administration of Faith Community Nurse Health Ministry in the United States is pending publication and available for download here.

Completed and Published Projects
  • Grandma's Recipe for Stress Relief 

    devotion published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Food and Love
  • Memories of Polo 

    devotion published in Chicken Soup for the Nurse's Soul: Second Dose
  • Twelve-Hour Talks 

    devotion published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Nurses
  • Nursing in the Church 

    monthly column in the Journal of Christian Nursing, now in its 11th year
  • Parish Nurse Practice in Rural Faith Communities 

    Supplemental Modules Basic Parish Nurse Preparation Curriculum for the International Parish Nurse Resource Center
  • Spiritual Journaling: Strategies for Personal and Professional Wellness Workbook 

    published by PepTalk Productions

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