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Writing and Speaking

Dr. Hinton has won several awards for Christian devotions, short stories, and non-fiction essays. She was the author of the Nursing in the Church column for the Journal of Christian Nursing for ten years. She has also published multiple journal workbooks, articles, and book chapters on a variety of subjects.

Dr. Hinton is an international speaker and presenter with over twenty years of experience presenting to both small and large groups and organizations. Her engaging presentation style encourages participant interaction with practical information. While Dr. Hinton primarily presents in English, she has worked with translators in the past to create material for multi-lingual audiences. She has also developed many

of her in-person presentations into online formats such as webinars.

Dr. Hinton's Published Writings
  • Grandma's Recipe for Stress Relief 

    devotion published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Food and Love
  • Memories of Polo 

    devotion published in Chicken Soup for the Nurse's Soul: Second Dose
  • Twelve-Hour Talks 

    devotion published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Nurses
  • Nursing in the Church 

    monthly column in the Journal of Christian Nursing, now in its 11th year
  • Parish Nurse Practice in Rural Faith Communities 

    Supplemental Modules Basic Parish Nurse Preparation Curriculum for the International Parish Nurse Resource Center
  • Spiritual Journaling: Strategies for Personal and Professional Wellness Workbook 

    published by PepTalk Productions

Need an article, booklet, chapter, or course outline?

As a freelance writer, Dr. Hinton is available to develop and write on a wide variety of subjects related to faith community nursing practice, spiritual care, and leadership development.

Need a workshop, course, or presentation?

Dr. Hinton is available to assist you to create memorable, informative educational experiences.

Contact Dr. Hinton for more information.

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