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Book Coaching

Dr. Hinton is an experienced non-fiction and fiction writer, editor, and mentor. She specializes in guiding inexperienced writers to bring their stories to life. With many years of practice working on her own projects and guiding others, Dr. Hinton has a deep understanding of the challenges and joys of the writing process. You will save time while decreasing your frustration and increasing the quality of your end result with Dr. Hinton as your book coach.

Welcome to your journey as a writer!

Dr. Hinton is available to assist you to create the high quality writing that readers, agents, and publishers expect.

When you work with Dr. Hinton, you will receive:

  • Experienced guidance, instruction, and encouragement to keep you on track

  • A supportive, non-threatening environment designed to build yoour confidence and increase your skill as a writer

  • A customized approach with personalized coaching to meet your specific needs and goals

  • Your work remains 100% yours! You remain in control of outcomes.


"I've been working with Dr. Hinton as my book coach for several years, ever since I had the idea to publish Feathered Friendship. She's been guiding and encouraging me all the way from my first drafts to my first award-winning novel. She's exactly the sort of person I needed to get my stories out of my head and into the hands of readers!"

–Katie Silverwings
  Author of the Strange Space™ Adventures series


Ready to begin or want more information?

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