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Dr. Sharon T. Hinton


Personal Mission Statement:

Create encouraging tools to guide others to live life fully, both personally and professionally.


  • Board Certified Faith Community Nurse

  • Board Certified Nursing Professional Development

  • Board Certified Chaplain

  • Certified Clinical Pastoral Education Supervisor

  • Board Certified Christian Life Coach

  • Board Certified Mental Health Coach

  • Certified Journal to the Self Instructor

  • Certified Foundations of Faith Community Nursing Educator

  • Certified Faith Community Nurse Coordinator

A Bit About Me

Over the past twenty-five years, Dr. Sharon T. Hinton has served as the Director and Lead Educator for several non-profit organizations, including the rural health and safety nonprofit Rural Nurse Resource, Inc., the Nursing Division of the Spiritual Care Association, and the Westberg Institute for Faith Community Nursing (formerly the International Parish Nurse Resource Center). She is an award-winning writer and international speaker with a Doctor of Ministry in Global Health and Wholeness as well as a Master of Science in Nursing.

Dr. Hinton is an experienced traveler, and after many years living in rural Texas with cows and a menagerie of wildlife as her nearest neighbors, is now enjoying life in the city with two cats and a yard full of birds and squirrels. She is a self-proclaimed "book wyrm" and visits bookstores and libraries as often as possible.

In addition to writing and presenting, Dr. Hinton serves as a mentor and life guide to assist others to explore their goals and move forward personally and professionally. Her joy is developing tools to help the people she works with Survive, Thrive, and Navigate their lives!


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