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Courage for the Day: Nurse's Week 2020

It is not easy being a nurse.

It takes a special sort of person with compassion, intelligence, a broad skillset, and courage. Nurses care for humanity from pre-conception across the lifespan and after death. They welcome newborns into the world, care for trauma and disease, champion wellness campaigns, advocate for the voiceless, become family for those who are alone, and provide education on everything imaginable. Nurses walk alongside people in good times and bad, through pain and sorrow, through joy and fear.

I salute you, wonderful nurse colleagues! I am awed by your dedication and skills. I am honored to work with you, to be associated with you, and to be cared for by you. Your courage and dedication is an inspiration and blessing to all! Thank you and happy nurse’s week to my heroes!

Courage is the apron I wear for daily tasks. It is not clumsy armor plate to don at times of danger but simply a readiness to work at any task, however difficult or distasteful knowing that God will add strength to my efforts. Carolyn Rhea

Be of good courage and God shall strengthen your heart. Psalm 27:14

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