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On the Road Again

We left the parish nurse conference and Coventry in a cab this time. Katora Campbell and I were not as skilled with wrestling luggage onto the train as Katie was. We arrived at the Ibis Hotel Birmingham Airport. It is actually attached to the airport so we could walk to the ticket counter. Interestingly enough, the lobby was full of dogs! Not pet dogs; dog show dogs! It was fun to watch the different breeds prance through the lobby.

Went to bed early because our flight was early. Katie and I had a comedy going on for awhile because my cell phone rang at 10 p.m. I was deeply asleep and thought it was the 4 a.m. alarm! I got up, took my shower and got dressed before Katie looked at the clock and informed me that the alarm was six hours in the future...I went back to bed clothes and all.

When 4 a.m. did arrive we marched from one end of the airport all the way to the other to the ticket counter, to our gate, and then the adventure really began. Amsterdam Airport was fogged in. Our flight was delayed out of Birmingham. By the time we finally arrived in Amsterdam, our plane to Atlanta was boarding. Once again we were on the far end of an airport. We raced to our connecting gate to find that we missed passport control and had to backtrack. God placed an angel in the form of a gate attendant in our path. She moved us into the fast lane for passports and came back to get us to our gate just before they closed the door. She was a reassuring voice and a calming presence - Thank you God!

We arrived in Atlanta and then to Memphis without additional drama - Thank you again, God!

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