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Coventry: Good Food and Fellowship

Coventry is a pleasant place where almost everything is within walking distance of the hotel. Katie and I found a pub where the locals eat lunch and had a wonderful meal with a huge cup of hot tea (Now, why doesn't my hot tea at home taste as good?

The Squirrel

We had a short time to visit a few historical sites. Coventry was destroyed from bombing during the World war so a new cathedral stands beside the ruins of the old one.

Katie visited their museum and told me a large number of people were killed in the attacks. During one air raid, an enemy plane crashed. The local people tried to save the crew, but their injuries were severe and they did not survive. Prayer beads were found in the wreckage and are housed in the museum.

To find forgiveness, compassion and God in the midst of the destruction and devastation of war speaks to my heart that there is always hope for a peaceful future for all of us.

The evening found us at the Welcome Center with Helen Wordsworth, Ros Moore and our wonderful colleagues of the UK. Katora Campbell joined in to present pins and certificates to three new parish nurses who had completed their Foundations course. In the UK they must also create a portfolio for review before they can be pinned. It was a wonderful evening and a great start for the conference.

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