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Dr. Hinton is an international speaker with over twenty years of experience presenting to both large and small groups and organizations. Her engaging presentation style encourages participant interaction with practical information. While Dr. Hinton primarily presents in English, she has worked with translators in the past to create material for multilingual audiences. She has also developed many of her in-person presentations into online formats such as webinars and continuing education courses.

Looking for a presenter for your in-person or virtual workshops, webinars, or conferences? Contact Dr. Hinton for a free consultation to assist you in creating memorable and formative educational experiences.

Programs and Presentations

This is only a partial list of available presentations. Dr. Hinton can also create a custom presentation or seminar on request.

All programs carry a money-back guarantee: If for any reason a participant is not satisfied, the registration fee will be refunded. 

  • Foundations of Faith Community Nursing

    Following the International Parish Nurse Resource Center curriculum with 36 continuing education credits for registered nurses. Licensed vocational nurses, retired nurses, allied health, clergy and others are also welcome to attend as health advocates. 
  • Introduction to Health Ministry and Faith Community Nursing

  • Health Ministry: From Local to Global Health

  • Spiritual Journaling as a Tool for Personal and Professional Growth

  • Journaling Techniques for Writers 

  • Introduction to Writing for Beginning Writers

  • Journal to the Self ® Workshops

  • Faith Community Nurse and Health Advocate Continuing Education Seminars

  • Dueling with Dragons in your Congregation or Ministry

  • Foot in Mouth Syndrome: What not to say in a Crisis

  • Prayer Interactive Workshop

  • Self-Care and Boundaries for Busy Women

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