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A day of Rest

March 12, 2017

I teach self-care so I know the worth of Sabbath rest and taking time for self-care...unfortunately, I also tend to work long hours and forget to give myself a break. Today was a day of rest. Other than answering emails, I rested in the morning and enjoyed time with family. My Aunt Hope has been house-sitting while Katie and I were out of the country so it was nice to have time to visit.


I have promised myself to slow down someday, but this isn't the day! I spent the afternoon packing for the Caring for the Human Spirit Conference in Chicago. I will be presenting on how faith community nurses, clergy, chaplaincy, and other healthcare providers can work together to provide wholistic care. This is my first spirituality conference since becoming a spiritual director so I am very excited. My friend and colleague Nancy Durbin is attending so we will have time to catch up. I hope to find other FCNs are also attending. We provide intentional care of the spirit so our voices need to be included in the discussion!


Hopefully, the flight will be non-eventful even though winter has returned to Memphis and Chicago is supposed to get snow tomorrow.

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