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Faith Community Nursing 

Spirituality in nursing practice is found throughout history. Nursing leaders such as Florence Nightingale promoted care of the whole person body, mind, and spirit. Currently, nurses in all practice settings are responsible for providing some sort of spiritual care, but not all nurses are prepared.


The specialty practice of faith community nursing offers all professional nurses the opportunity to develop their spiritual care skills. Faith community nurses may practice in various settings such as churches, mosques, and other faith communities, or they may use the spiritual care skills learned from faith community nursing in other practice settings such as hospitals, home health, hospice, and organizations.

Dr. Hinton is Board Certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) in Faith Community Nursing. As a faith community nurse, educator, coordinator, and curriculum writer for over twenty years, Dr. Hinton’s expertise covers a broad spectrum of FCN practice. Regardless of your practice setting or location, Dr. Hinton is available to provide assistance, guidance, and mentoring as you develop expertise in spiritual care.

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